Sisterly Love

A beautiful love letter from my younger sister, four feet twelve:

Although my older sister may claim otherwise, she is a few centimeters short of four feet eleven. Despite her small stature, my sister’s courageous spirit has always walked among giants. Her actions and ideals reflect the beautiful and deep meaning of her name, “a shadow that shines.” Her warm personality, trustworthiness, and outgoing spirit is the polar opposite of me.  She, the ever nomadic explorer, rushes toward new ventures and places without hesitation or a second thought. I, the cautious introvert, often criticize her actions, but in my heart I admire her impulsivity and positive attitude about life.  However, this is not to say that my sister doesn’t have a purpose to her stride nor a keen sense of direction. She is actually a very good navigator and has led many friends and family members through severe snowstorms and from failed GPS systems. What makes my sister a great guide on any trip, and especially in my life, is that she is not afraid of taking risks nor failure. She often advises me that failure is nothing to fear. She believes that mistakes help us to grow and she challenges me to explore the unknown parts of myself. She has great faith that people can accomplish any dream and overcome any obstacle with tenacity and perseverance. I am excited to see my sister providing a space for other fellow sisters to proclaim: “I am a strong, beautiful woman, and I am worthy of love.”



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