My 7-year vacation

Living in paradise changed my life. I was 24 years old, and trying to “find myself.” Though I had not vacationed there before and did not know a single soul from Hawaii, I found myself on a 13-hour flight to the beautiful island of Oahu. I was accepted into the Public Administration graduate program at UH-Manoa, and was going to spend the next two years studying on a beach every day. And I did! Though instead of studying, I worked on a beautiful golden tan that lasted year-round. I met some of the most amazing and inspiring people who are now life-long friends. What was supposed to be two years turned into seven wonderful years filled with some of my fondest memories thus far. I graduated, got engaged, married my husband, started my career, and came of age.

What I liked most about Hawaii is the people and the Native Hawaiian values that are so much a part of everyday life and how everyone treats each other. What surprised me most living in Honolulu was how metropolitan the city is – grant it nothing compared to New York City or even Philadelphia, but definitely not all palm trees and beaches. It is a bustling and growing city with culture, nightlife, and many different neighborhoods. What I liked least about Hawaii is that there’s no snow for Christmas.

Coming soon … look for my series about things to do, places to see, and what to eat while traveling throughout the Hawaiian islands.


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